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Our dogs are available for adoption once they turn 3 months old.
Puppies can be reserved until they reach 3 months of age. Our animals arrive with their new owners fully vaccinated, parasite-free, microchipped and neutered.

Our adoption fee is €90 (€325 for Holland, Belgium, the UK and Germany). This fee is used to cover some of the costs associated with sheltering and feeding the dog prior to adoption, as well as all aspects of its veterinary care during its time with us - including vaccinations, microchipping and neutering.

So that we can be sure that our dogs go to safe and happy homes, all adopters are obliged to sign a statement of responsibility.

If you wish to adopt/reserve one of our dogs, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Request to Adopt a Dog:


Regarding the animal I intend to adopt from Adoption Dogs Portugal I agree to the following:

  • Allow a member / employee or volunteer of the association to make an assessment home visit to ensure that the animal is well adapted and has the essential conditions.
  • Feed and house the animal.
  • Take the animal out regularly.
  • Do not leave the possession of the animal, except in circumstances where I cannot keep it, and taking into account that I will only hand it over to a person / institution, about whom I have good references, informing Adoption Dogs Portugal in advance where the animal will go
  • Provide qualified preventive veterinary treatment (vaccination, deworming) and in case of injury or suspected illness.
  • Do not use the animal for reproductive purposes.
  • Birth control - by definitive methods (OVH or castrations), by medical methods (pills / injections) or by behavioral methods (arrest / isolate the animal), knowing that the best option for the animal and for the owner, is the definitive method.
  • It is mandatory to notify Adoption Dogs Portugal and the Parish Council of the area of residence of the keeper within a maximum period of 5 days, if the animal is lost, disappears or dies.
  • Do not chain the animal.
  • Do not leave the animal unattended for long periods.
  • Respect all National Laws relating to pet animals as well as the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.


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Logo Adoption Dogs Portugal

Logo Adoption Dogs Portugal