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Why adoption matters

Adoption is what we strive to achieve for all the dogs in our care. At all times, we want our dogs to be adopted sensibly and with care.

By adopting one of our dogs, you don’t just provide a safe and loving home to an animal who will give you so much in return. You also free up space for us to shelter another dog in need. In this way, you help us to save another life.

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How to proceed if you wish to adopt:

  • Identify the animal you are interested in adopting.

  • Fill out the adoption form, so we can contact you to schedule a visit and an interview. This is done to ensure that you and your future pet are a good match. It’s also an opportunity to answer any questions either side may have.

  • After signing a statement of responsibility and paying an adoption fee of €90 (€325 for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), we will deal with the paperwork relating to the transfer of ownership. Once that’s done, your new best friend can either be collected, or alternatively, delivered to your home.

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Logo Adoption Dogs Portugal

Logo Adoption Dogs Portugal